White River Canoe Company Cicero Indiana

The White River Canoe Company provides all of Central Indiana with fun and relaxing canoe trips on the beautiful White River. Working out of Noblesville, a suburb of Indianapolis, this is the company folks seek out from far and wide for professional canoeing experiences.

Their main destination is the White River Camp Ground. The Hamilton County Parks Department takes care of this magnificent, lush campsite on the White River’s West bank. With 26 acres, 106 campsites and lots of fishing and boating spots, this is a gorgeous place to make a memory with your family and friends. This trip takes between four and four-1/2 hours.

There are many safety requirements and some restrictions to be considered when canoeing. The White River Canoe Company has it all worked out for their customers. Day trips and kayaks are also available.

White River Canoe Company                                       
118 Cicero Rd
Noblesville, IN 46060